Bobbie Carey and Mark Anthony McGrath will be performing “Blue and Beyond,” an interpretation of Joni Mitchell’s Blue album and other older songs from Joni’s body of work. We will be at the Nagle Nano Centre in Carric-On-Suir, The Clancy Festival, Sunday night, June 5th,  8.30pm – 10.30pm

“Blue and Beyond,” show,  Bobbie and Mark will also be in Kilkenny at The Club House Hotel, Friday night, June 17, 8.30pm.




Bobbie is thrilled to be a member of the group, Strange Fruit, a Waterford based group with some of Waterford’s finest musicians, including Paul Grant, longtime guitarist for Liam Clancy, playing a range of music from world trad, to folk, jazz. Ask Bobbie about their Album, “Stranger Things.” See our new video  on Youtube  “Children After Rain.”  Click Here


Book Bobbie and Carole Nelson on  Sax and Keys, “The Party Girls” for any party, Jazz, Motown, Soul, Dance to DJ. 


Bobbie is a resident at Langton’s for Weddings Drinks receptions, also doing civil ceremonies at Langton’s, call Bobbie and enquire about your weddng!


Bobbie’s album, “Throw Away Girlfeaturing originals and familiar favourites, is now available online in all the main venues, Spotify, YouTube, etc. and also in some local music and record shops in Kilkenny,