Not all couples getting married want the ‘usual music’. If you want something more sophisticated, with a cool edge and a classy vibe, then it’s Bobbie you are looking for.

Bobbie can tailor the music to whatever is required by the bride and groom, from religious songs to folk and pop numbers for the ceremony to cool & sophisticated music during a drinks reception or lively evening music that will have all your guests on the dance floor. She will work closely with you in advance to create a personal programme of music to suit the individual style of any part of your wedding from start to finish.

1. Wedding Ceremony Music

Bobbie performs at ceremonies with guitarist or pianist and sings everything from Ave Maria, Panis Angelicus to Fields of Gold and To Make You Feel My Love, to name but a few. She will tailor your ceremony music to suit your tastes and discuss song choices with both you and with the person presiding over your ceremony to make sure all songs fit the ceremony’s requirements, if there are any.

While Bobbie will happily sing your favourite songs, many couples like a little help with their choices, so here’s a list of the most popular wedding songs, including religious songs.

Church Ceremonies

Bobbie performs at church ceremonies with a pianist or classical guitarist. Whether your ceremony is Catholic, Church of Ireland, Methodist, Unitarian or any other religion she can help you to create a suitable programme of music.

Fee:  €450

Additional option: Bobbie can perform solo with backing tracks for your ceremony

Fee: €300

Additional musicians and singers are also available, prices on request.

Civil Wedding Music

Bobbie performs with a classical guitarist or pianist. In the case of civil weddings the choice of music is often more varied and can be personalised to your taste and wishes.

Fee: €400

Alternative option: Bobbie can perform solo with backing tracks and simple guitar.

Fee: €250

Additional musicians and singers are also available, prices on request.

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2. Drinks Reception / Pre-Dinner Music

Why not entertain your wedding guests while you and the wedding party have photos taken? With an endless repertoire of jazz, vintage soul, R&B, Motown, and some contemporary and folk, this is music that will entertain your guests without being overpowering and will help get them in the mood for the rest of the nights celebrations!

There are several options to choose from:

Bobbie Solo

Bobbie will create a welcoming atmosphere starting nice and easy with mellow jazz and contemporary, then moving on to Motown  and making it a bit more lively as the guests start to relax.

Fees:  €250 as add on | €300 if not performing at ceremony

Duo with Guitar/Piano/Sax

Bobbie can also perform as a duo, with a guitarist/singer or with pianist/saxophonist Carole Nelson.

Fee: €400 as add on | €450 if not performing for ceremony.

Jazz Combo

A variety of Jazz combos with 3 or more players, including double bass, piano, sax, are also available, Bobbie can discuss what you want to acheive and recommend the right combination to you.

Price on request.

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3. Wedding Bands

Bobbie has several lineups available for the main post dinner reception. These include:

The Party Girls

A vintage soul duo, Bobbie joins Carole Nelson (vocals, sax, piano) to perform everything from jazz, soul, R&B, Motown, dance and disco. Bobbie and Carole start off acoustically then pump up the volume and energy with backing tracks, and can finish the night doing dj. Perfect for smaller weddings.

Fee: From €650.

Soul Chain

Bobbie fronts this acclaimed five piece band, with talented performers on vocals, guitar, sax, bass and drums, playing Aretha, La Bell, Dusty Springfield and Tina Turner among others.

Fee: From €1000

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